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Desoldering & Soldering Systems
Phone in Price: $4,232.68
Online Price:        $4,232.68  
SMD-2000M Self Contained SMT/PHT Repair & Desolder System (Deluxe) 110V
Product Details

**PRICE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE**The SMD-2000M Self Contained SMT/PHT Repair & Desolder System (Deluxe)is the ultimate in benchtop circuit board repair and manufacturing.

Standard Package Consists of:

SMD Hot Air Jet Reflow Tool 1700-0060, EX-1700 Sensor; Anti-static Desolder Handpiece (24V 5WIRE) 1700-6700, Resistive Tweezers with Tips 2200-0130, Thermal Parting Unit 2900-0132, Dual Holder Assembly 3550-0602, SMD Thermal Holder 3550-6000, Power Cord (110V) 4000-8402, Power Cord (220V) 8000-0100, Electric Foot Pedal w/ plug 5000-8404, SMD Vacuum Pick and Place Tool 6000-2500, Cushion Grip Thermal Quad Tweezers 6000-0286, SMD Thermal Quad Pack Tweezers 6000-2400A, Operations/ Maintenance Manuals 6200-6200, Cushion Grip Desolder Extractor 6700-0286, MTD Cleaning Unit Assembly 6730-3803, SMT/PHT Solder Iron w/ Tip (24V, 5 Wire) 6910-2700

Optional Accessories:

Conductive Tweezers with Tips 2300-0132, Thermal Stripper with Tips 2400-0133, Therm-Tool Kit 2700-0001, SMD Thermovac Tool 6000-2600, Tip Holder 6000-5001, Solder Paste Holder 6000-5002, Quick Plate Kit 0690-0002, Reflow Soldering Kit 2800-0130, Deluxe Holder-Tri 3550-6003, Solder Paste Kit 6000-5000, Drill Kit Assortment (Cirk Grind) 6000-6780, Cirk Grind System Complete w/ Accessories 7300-0060, Assortment Kit 6000-5200, Dispenser Kit 6910-4229

Before and After

These Before and After photographs indicate the finished result possible using the SMD-2000M, combined with the Quick Plate Kit 0690-0002.



Product Specifications

  • Current110/120vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimension15"L x 12.5"W x 6"H
  • TemperatureSelectable Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • VacuumInternal Pump
  • ControllerFuzzy Logic PID
  • ShippingStandard
  • Weight35 lb (15.9 kg)

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