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Preheat Solutions
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Radiant Hot Plate SMD-6000 110V 60Hz
Product Details
The Radiant Hot Plate 8100-6000 (110V US) has been engineered to provide an efficient High Mass,Digitally Controlled,Direct Radiant Energy source for In Process and Off-Line preheat and bake requirements of electronic components and boards. It is also suitable for any additional electronic or non-electronic application which requires accurate and consistent temperature control. Uses include: Preheat, burn in, pull test and many more! Motorola Part Number RLN4664A
Product Specifications

SMD-6000 Radiant Hot Plate 8100-6000 (110V 60Hz US) Dimensions: 12" x 6-1/8" x 13" Power: 110V-1500 Watts Maximum Temperature Standard Factory Regulated: 350F (177C) +-2F Special Factory Regulated: 700F (371C) +- 2F Heating Element: Ceramic Controller: PID Fuzzy Logic Digital Radiant Plate: Cast Aluminum 12" x 12" Safety Shielding: Four (4) Side Guards Fuse: 15 Amps Switching: Solid-State 430 m/s
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